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This beautiful, endangered parrot is the first Australian bird painting for 2022. More on the way!
The first painting of a British bird for 2022.
The White Horse Bookshop Annual Open Art Exhibition — Marlborough, Wiltshire.
Acrylic on canvas original painting.
Gouache on paper artworks of two of the UK's three woodpeckers.
Gouache on paper.
A beautiful bird, previously believed to have been extinct, faces a new challenge.
Watch the video to see a miniature version of my orange-bellied parrot painting evolve...
Acrylic on canvas.
Meet Maestro, the yellow fronted amazon parrot.
One of the UK's most beautiful birds, the green woodpecker.
A gouache painting of a mistletoebird winging its way to South Australia.
Embarking on a collection of birds of the world.
Acrylic painting on canvas.

Gouache and pencil on paper.

Recently completed, gouache and pencil on paper.
Gouache and pencil on paper.

Small watercolour and gouache on study on grey paper.

Gouache and watercolour.