Critically Endangered Cerulean Paradise Flycatcher

Critically Endangered Cerulean Paradise Flycatcher

A disturbing news story was published this week, which has motivated me to paint...

It is reported that a Canadian-listed mining company has been authorised to mine more than half of an Indonesian island. The island is Sangihe and it is home to ten endemic birds in Sangihe, five of which are critically endangered. The Cerulean Paradise Flycatcher, a vibrant blue medium sized bird, was believed to have been extinct until it was discovered again in 1998 on the island. If this special bird has any chance of surviving, the island's ancient forests need to be protected.

To read more and see a short video, search 'The battle for Indonesia's Gold Island' on the BBC website or via your favourite search engine.

I have painted the bird against a metallic gold background, to represent the gold that the Canadians want, no matter what the cost. The painting is just to try to bring awareness to the bird and the island, it is not for sale.

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