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Love them or hate them, these spreads have been firm food favourites for decades.
Gallery quality giclée art prints of my paintings available for sale on this website.
Gouache on paper.
Tiny artworks to decorate small spaces.
A beautiful bird, previously believed to have been extinct, faces a new challenge.
Watch the video to see a miniature version of my orange-bellied parrot painting evolve...
Acrylic on canvas.
Painting of a friend's golden retriever.
amandagosse.com has just had an upgrade!
Meet Maestro, the yellow fronted amazon parrot.
A miniature painting for most days of May 2021.
Second birthday celebrations.
One of the UK's most beautiful birds, the green woodpecker.
A gouache painting of a mistletoebird winging its way to South Australia.
I will be painting the traditional birthday gemstone for each month of 2021.
InProfile exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery draws to a close.
Exhibition now on!
Exhibition opening soon!
Embarking on a collection of birds of the world.
First Birthday Celebrations.
Acrylic painting on canvas.

Gouache and pencil on paper.

Acrylic on canvas painting of this delightfully named insect.
Recently completed, gouache and pencil on paper.
Gouache and pencil on paper.
Artists of Mosman 2088.
Acrylic painting.

Artists of Mosman: 2088 Exhibition 22 Feb – 22 Mar 2020.

Watercolour painting on white paper.

Small watercolour and gouache on study on grey paper.

Watercolour and gouache precious stones.
Watercolour on grey paper.
Artists of Mosman: 2088 Exhibition 30 Mar – 28 Apr 2019.
Gouache and watercolour.
A brush with wild turkeys... and currawongs.
...and the first blog post.