Flip-Book Fun

Flip-Book Fun

As a child I used to love making flip books (or flick books, as they're also known) and thought it would be fun to make one to show the progress of a painting — acrylic on canvas board of an orange-bellied parrot. I discovered it is easy to forget to take the photos when you're engrossed in an artwork, but I just about managed, ignoring the inevitable changes in lighting and my very basic printer's quality! Video and images below.

Orange-bellied parrot
This gorgeous little bird is very sadly critically endangered, although there are a number in captivity which are part of a breeding program, to hopefully save the species! Its jewel like colours include a bright orange belly, hence its name. Like most parrots, they nest in the hollows of trees but, unusually for parrots, they migrate, travelling between Tasmania and the souther states of Australia.

Orange-bellied parrot and hand lettering by Amanda Gosse

In the studio Amanda Gosse Artist

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