Marmite Vegemite Both Neither?

Marmite Vegemite Both Neither?

It's always been the case that most people seem to have a strong opinion when it comes to Marmite, or Marmite's antipodean cousin Vegemite. There is even an expression whereby something or someone is referred to as "marmite", meaning you either love it or hate it.

I love both, although marmite wins if I had to choose. I have fond childhood memories of my Mum bringing hot buttered toast with marmite when recovering in bed from a bug.

The idea behind this painting was more about the countries these pantry staples represent; like thousands of other people, I have a foot in both hemispheres. Born in Australia, raised in the UK and spending most of my adult life in Australia, both places are home to me — perhaps Vegemite just winning that particular race!

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite, if you're a consumer of these controversial condiments.

A few fun facts
Marmite was first created in Britain in 1902.
Vegemite was first created in Australia in 1922.
Both spreads are made from brewer's yeast.
Vegemite became Australian owned again in 2017, after having been American-owned for over half a century.
The word Marmite originates from the French word marmite, which is the name of a ceramic pot, in which Marmite was first sold. The original pot used is pictured on today's Marmite label.

The Great Marmite Vegemite Debate Painting by Amanda Gosse

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