The World In Miniature

The World In Miniature

I've been really enjoying painting on a small scale, getting involved in the finer details of a subject and I'm planning lots more.

Miniature paintings are a really great way to add a splash of colour to a compact home or, for larger wall areas, grouping a collection of mini artworks can make a statement, in terms of aesthetics and even to tell a story about you.

Like a charm bracelet, a montage of miniatures on a wall can depict a timeline: a painting of a diamond, to represent your engagement, or a parrot to remind you of your childhood pet, to name just two ideas.

Miniatures, which measure 10cm x 10cm (approximately 4" x 4"), also make lovely and affordable gifts and. Follow this link to see the full range of original miniature paintings  currently available.

Amanda Gosse Miniatures

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