Amanda Gosse Mosman Sydney Artist

Living by the beach and surrounded by nature, I find constant inspiration as soon as I step out of my Sydney studio. I have always been passionate about birds and wildlife and also have an avid interest in history – in particular, Victorian and Edwardian architecture – and these have provided my most compelling subjects and driven me to draw! 

My career began in graphic design, initially as a school leaver at a letterpress print company, where I was trained in the traditional art of hand typesetting with lead fonts. It was here that I developed a love of letters and dedicated much of my spare time to signwriting projects. Inevitably, my career progressed to graphic art – the era of Cow Gum and Letraset! – and then, in the early 90s, I reluctantly surrendered to Apple Mac.

Nowadays, in addition to painting and illustrating, I offer ecommerce website design services. Please contact me to discuss any requirements you might have.

I was born in Australia, but raised in England and my lifelong love of art began in early childhood, with myriad hours spent sketching and painting in an abandoned caravan on the family farm. I delighted in watching my mother, also an artist, working with paint and pastels – creativity was always encouraged in our home and there was no shortage of inspiration. In the early 1990s, my mother and her partner converted their Sussex oast house into an art gallery where local artists and sculptors could show their work.

My preferred media are acrylic and gouache and my style is usually strong in colour and sharp in detail.

Artist Statement
Painting thrills me. The process is completely immersive and full of surprises, with unexpected revelations in colour and texture as a work unfolds. I love to observe the beauty and delicacy of often overlooked objects, visually dissecting and interpreting them on canvas in my own style. As Frédéric Chopin concluded about music, “Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.” With my simple depictions, I hope to inspire others to recognise that beauty is all around us.

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